The annual Peace Mountain sandcastle extravaganza

The team summiting Peace Mountain

Making the world a better place should be fun, right?

Last year my friend Sam suggested we go down the beach on Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) and build a massive sandcastle. Why not?, we thought. So a group of us, all old High School friends, congregated on the beach armed with smiles and shovels and began digging.

Humble Beginnings: World peace is tough work

Our task was a big one and 4 hours of digging ensued. Passersby would stop and ask us what we were doing – “building a giant sandcastle,” we replied. When they asked us why someone jokingly said “for world peace” (it is, after all, every beauty queen’s one true ambition).

One big sandcastle

It was just a silly joke. But then we started thinking. Here we were, a group of passionate young people, coming together on a holiday to create something in unity –  bringing together tiny grains of sand, each one miniscule in itself, insignificant even – yet together they formed a mighty mountain of sand, an epic sandcastle visible from the far end of the beach and worthy of notice.

And so Peace Mountain was born.

This year it became an annual event and we hope it will snowball in years to come with more and more people around the community joining us on the beach to labour and laugh together to create a symbol of the world we dream of – a world more peaceful, more passionate, and just a little bit more fun.

Peace Mountain mastermind, Sam Bell, surveys the scene from the summit

 *Special thanks to Erica Lack for taking all the fabulous photos*


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