Webspiration #6 – Learning to share

Sharing makes everyone feel good

One of the best ways we can improve the quality of life in our communities is to share.

Sharing is good because we (a) reduce the demand for raw materials needed to make new ‘stuff’ and (b) spread warm fuzzies. The first benefit is to the environment – making efficient use of our resources is a key step to becoming more sustainable. The second benefit is obvious –  by sharing with others we spread love, kindness and a sense of community. Sharing makes everyone feel good. Even mother earth. Yay!

This week’s round-up of inspiration from around the web focuses on the power of sharing:

1. Treehugger reports how sharing bikes can save lives! Bike Sharing programmes in Barcelona, Spain are not just having great environmental benefits by reducing carbon emissions but also improving the health of citizens.

2. Be inspired to share by Rachel Botsman’s amazing TED talk about the rise of collaborative consumption:


3. Read more about community sharing initiatives at the Collaborative Consumption website.

4. Start sharing your skills, time, resources or home today: visit the swapaskill website to exchange skills within your community, start couchsurfing to share your home with a traveller, or get rid of unwanted items or find something you need for free through your local freecycle community.

Happy sharing!


About Cassandra

Hi, I'm Cassandra. I work in fundraising, love travelling, and am fascinated by how we can inspire one another to greatness and spread human kindness. Connect with me on twitter @cassandra_nz

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