Invisible Children: Kony 2012 campaign

Kony 2012: Arrest Joseph Kony in 2012

Invisible Children are a California-based NGO that has been fighting for almost a decade to end armed conflict in Uganda and free child soldiers who have been recruited by force by the LRA rebel army’s leader Joseph Kony. They springboarded to fame and worldwide notoriety this week with the launch of their Kony 2012 campaign to build worldwide pressure for the arrest of Joseph Kony. The campaign is built around a 30 minute video summarising the issues faced by children in Uganda and calling for action to end the conflict and arrest Kony.

The released the video on Monday hoping to gain 500,000 views by the end of April. Today, only 5 days later, more than 60 million people around the world have already viewed the video. With the stated goal of ‘making Kony famous’ and bringing the plight of child soldiers in Africa into the public eye, the campaign has already been a shining success.

If you haven’t seen this video already I’d be surprised… and I’d also urge you to watch it. This is a great example of a small group of people who care passionately about something and have chosen to act. The have been acting for years, gaining small wins along the way… this week the world took notice.

Please watch the video. Then decide how you can take action. This is important, and now is your chance to be part of something that really matters.

Warning: you will cry when you watch this. At the start you will cry in despair at the horror afflicted on these children. By the end you will be crying with hope.


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Hi, I'm Cassandra. I work in fundraising, love travelling, and am fascinated by how we can inspire one another to greatness and spread human kindness. Connect with me on twitter @cassandra_nz


  1. This ‘campaign’ is that is JUST NOW THIS YEAR getting attention by the public is nothing more than a smokescreen to get the masses rallied against this country for war because of the recent discovery of oil in Uganda. I was extremely disappointed to see this on your website. They are trying to use the psychology manipulation that governments have relied on for centuries to convince the public to support their own agendas by sending the basic message of ‘If you don’t support our war, then you are supporting the murder of children.’ The government does NOT care about children. If they did, they wouldn’t be trying to feed our children that horrid, toxic ‘pink-slime’ pseudo meat in the public school lunches (as one example.) But, they know that the PEOPLE do care about children, and will react accordingly when presented with evidence of atrocities against innocent children. This is very, very classic manipulation. The follow up to this charade was the involvement of major corporations handing out war propaganda. SONY for one, offering a ‘win your own stop kony kit’ give-away. A halogen flashlight? <—propaganda. Right….go wave your flashlight at him. I'm sure he'll stop dead in his tracks. I really wanted to get involved in this website and help promote it as well, until I saw this. However, I am against any movement that supports war, especially war for oil.

    • Wow, this in an interesting new perspective on the whole thing. I don’t know enough about oil in Uganda and the US government’s stance on potential war there to comment, but I stand by my opinion that the founders and members of Invisible Children are driven by a true passion to help others and I admire that greatly. I also admire you for being able to speak up for what you believe to be right, so thanks for posting.

  2. Thank you Cassandra. I would like to point out that it is not the involvement of individuals or groups that I oppose, it is the involvement and manipulation of the public by the government that infuriates me. Of course, there are individuals that mean well and only have good intentions in their hearts, and I am sure that you are one of them. Thank you for taking my opinion into consideration. If you youtube search the keywords ‘oil found in uganda’ and ‘kony scam’ I am certain you will find many others who have made videos that backup the views that I have expressed here. When making a decision on which stance you wish to take, it is important to research and explore all possible sides and take all of the information available into consideration. Once again, thank you, and I would like to send my blessings to you on your journey.

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