You have to be happy to spread happiness

Even with the chicken pox Fernandito was so full of joy it spilled over and made everyone around him smile.

Even with the chicken pox my friend Fernando was so full of joy he made everyone around him smile

I haven’t posted a blog in a long time. Almost a year actually.

There are many excuses for this, I’ve been busy being the most obvious. But the truth is simpler. I haven’t been very happy. This blog is all about spreading joy and I haven’t had much joy to spread lately.

It’s not been too bad really, but a few major life events (break up, stressful work changes, death of a loved one) led me into to the only period of depression in my adult life. I’m sunny again now, but it did get dark for a while. Actually, I am grateful for the darkness for two separate reasons:

(1) It made me appreciate the light more, and

(2) It gave me empathy for others who are suffering from depression (which are many)

People don’t like to talk about depression. But sadness if a part of life and I think it would help people who feel alone to know that others have gone through it and come back to the light. Websites like helped me to realise that what I was feeling was common and to help find a pathway through it.

Yet this post is not about sadness, it’s about happiness. And how to spread happiness.

What my last year has taught me is that you have to look after yourself first. Many of you who follow my blog are like-minded and like-hearted individuals who want to spread happiness in this world – to make the lives of others better and brighter in some way. Just know that to do so,  you have to make your own life better and brighter first.

Make sure you are happy and nurtured in your own life, and then you will have so much more energy to share happiness and nurture others.

I’m back and bright again, and planning to resume my blogging – sharing the inspiring stories of people around the world who have found their happiness and are trying to spread it.

Actually today I am flying out of New Zealand and off into the world on new travels and adventures. I hope to share with you the stories of the inspiring people I meet along the way.

If you also want to follow my travels, please visit my personal blog and follow me there too.

To the light!



About Cassandra

Hi, I'm Cassandra. I work in fundraising, love travelling, and am fascinated by how we can inspire one another to greatness and spread human kindness. Connect with me on twitter @cassandra_nz


  1. Welcome back, it’s good to see you again! My thoughts and prayers are with you in the losses you have endured. You are right though, without the valleys it is not as easy to appreciate the peaks.

  2. Yes, Welcome Back! I had checked in and wondered where you were — so sorry the darkness descended. So grateful you have found the light again. Life is about light and dark, and when we have the courage to travel through the darkness, the light shines ever brighter! Hugs.

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  4. Sorry you have had to encounter so many storms, I do hope the sun shines brightly in your life again :)

  5. Hello. It is great to have you back blogging again. So sorry to hear that you had some tough times, and have been grieving. It knocks over the strongest of us. Remember that you are not alone.
    You are correct that the darkness makes us appreciate the light again.
    Welcome back :)

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for this post, Cass – you are so centered and strong and always giving.

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