Cassandra and friend Rosita

This blog is for anyone who, like me, is addicted to inspiration – for those who remember that to live is a verb; who endeavour to give more of themselves and get more from their lives – to live with passion, to take action, to love completely, and seek peace (both inner and outer); for those who aspire and inspire and seek to be inspired.

My favourite kind of inspiration is the people kind. I have been lucky enough to meet a hundred inspiring people in my lifetime (probably more). Their courage, generosity, creativity, and passion moves me. It encourages me to be my best self; makes me proud to be a fellow human. I try to learn from the everyday heroes I meet – how did they take their first step on the path towards living their passion? What inspired them? What have they learned? And how can I follow in their footsteps?

The world is full of inspiring people. This blog is my personal excuse to talk to as many of them as possible, to emulate them, to learn how to be the change I want to see in the world. I hope it may also be helpful for other inspiration addicts.

Inspiration is everywhere. Let’s celebrate the great.

– Cassandra Chapman

PS: If you’re wondering, this post about Gandhi explains why the site is called My Life Is My Message

If you know someone inspiring, and would be happy for me to share their story, please email me at cassandrachapman.nz@gmail.com and connect with me on twitter @cassandra_nz


  1. Thank you for your blog! Daily life will be a little bit less cruel and this world a little bit better every time people take action after reading your posts. :)

  2. Beautiful !
    Such purity… Its an amazing quality to have and it shines through your writing, reflecting the mass of you heart and the wealth of your love for this world and its surrounding.
    “Be the change you wish to see in the world”… Thank you for giving me a lot of food for thought. Look forward to hearing much more :-)

  3. Hey Cassandra – just found the link on famous authors who were rejected that you recommended I check out from Karina’s blog. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cassandra, what a great site! It’s inspiring just to read. I added you to my “Blogs I like” page. People need to read this! Thank you for writing it.
    Your blog fan, Jennifer

  5. I love what you’re doing here. Thank you :)

  6. Thanks for your uplifting posts! I enjoy them so much I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award. If you would like to accept you can find the rules on my latest post:


  7. I have just found your blog, and am so glad I did :-). I look forward to reading more ♥

  8. You really have such a beautiful blog. Love & blessings to you ♥

  9. Inspiration addicts:) I like it…

  10. Hi Cassandra, thank you for this website – I have stumbled upon it via the Austrian Mutmacherei.net – they have a map of great projects on their website, and your website is one of them. I agree: people is my favorite inspiration as well. And I find them quite a bit out there in the world.

    In my writing, I mostly focus on travel and people who travel with a mission, something which is a combination of your “adventurous life” and the “eco-life”category. There are people walking only by foot around the world, people raising money for charity, people singing and connecting people through music, others travel for vegan food, .. it´s amazing. Most of my writing is in german, but there is also a section in English. My website still is work in progress, but yours is truly inspiring :-) Thank you!

    • Hi Doris,
      It’s looks like your blog has been an amazing success! Great that you have some posts in English too.
      Keep the feet itchy and the adventure rewarding.

  11. Uplifting inspiring website.

  12. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your encouraging words about the 365 cups of kindness…please feel free to share anything you find on my site. If you have questions, just holler! Best wishes. :-)

  13. Hi Cass, as effective and potent a colleague at ChildFund NZ as you were, and as much as we feel the loss, I think the world is your home, and that you are rapidly net-working online and offline the world to a better place, so- lucky world for having you out there in it, the thought of you brightens our lives daily, aroha.

    • Wow Miles, you always know how to make my day. Thank you for your very kind encouragement. Your way with people and ability to selflessly spread joy continues to be an inspiration to me.

  14. Great Blog Cassandra! Inspiration comes in many forms and your journal of inspiration is certainly one of them. Love your work!

    • Thanks so much Simon! Your photos are also inspiring – encouraging me to get out and explore the Big Mango and surrounds. Thanks also for the recommendation, I will get in touch with Duncan.

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