Are you looking for inspiration? Here is a full A-Z of the inspiring people who have been featured on this site – everyday people who are making positive contributions to their communities:

  • BEN SCHUMAKER (USA): Ben started the Memory Project, which enlists High School art students to hand-paint portraits for orphans and vulnerable children around the world
  • CAM CALKOEN (New Zealand): Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy but refused to accept the limits his disability supposedly imposed on him and went on to represent his country in athletics. He has also created a mentoring programme to help youth with disabilities to achieve their dreams
  • CARLO DIY (USA): Carlo created HaitiHub, an online, interactive course designed specifically to help full-time volunteers and aid workers working in Haiti to learn Haitian Creole
  • CONNOR & CAYDEN LONG (USA): Connor (9) & Cayden (7) take part in triathalons. Cayden has cerebral palsy so his older brother Connor pulls him on a raft, pushes him in a buggy, and cycles with him to complete the events. Their love for one another and joy at taking part are truly inspiring.
  • LEE HODGSON (UK): Lee upcycles old trousers and hand-sews them into unique bags to raise money for disadvantaged children in Indonesia.
  • LOU & LIZ (Canada): Leeza Udovenka and Jacqueline Louie are two Vancouver teenagers on a mission to reduce waste in their city by promoting the use of resuable coffee cups
  • MARIJKE TIMMERS (Australia): Marijke founded Dara Children, a not-for-profit which supports a small orphanage in Cambodia
  • MATTHEW LUXON AND WAVENEY WARTH (New Zealand): Matthew and Waveney have been living rubbish-free for 3 years and counting
  • MELVIN MOONGA (Zambia): Melvin’s hard work and dedication has transformed an impoverished school in rural Zambia into a thriving educational centre
  • MOHANDAS GANDHI (India): Gandhi believed in the power of non-violent resistance for social change. During his lifetime he campaigned for, among other things, poverty alleviation, women’s rights, improved relations between religious groups, and Indian independence
  • SCOTT HEIFERMAN (USA): Inspired by the way New Yorkers banded together in the months following 9/11, Scott and colleagues founded Meetup, a website that helps people organise local, community groups who meet offline
  • SHIMON SCHOCKEN (Israel): Shimon organises weekly mountain bike excursions for inmates at a juvenile detention facility in Israel


  1. Great list – great causes! I hope people realize that the ones to change the world most are going to be the “everyday” people and not monarchs, governments, or celebrities. It’s up to us – all of us – to be the change we want to see in the world (M. Gandhi)! Thanks for the reminders!

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